Month: October 2019

v1.5.0 update released

Added option to increment the master volume or the gain for each virtual speaker by 0.1 dB or 1.0 dB. Added a 4-band equalizer for audio output to a new tab ‘Effects’ in ‘Audio’ frame.

VHT v1.4.0 update released

Added option to show only the VR keyboard in ‘desktop mirror’ mode. Updated ‘VR controllers shortcuts’ help guide for Valve Knuckles EV3 and Windows Mixed Reality VR controllers.

VHT v1.3.0 update released

For watching movies or video-sharing websites on sofa. Added support for using the HMD’s VR controllers as pointing devices (virtual mouse) for VHT menu interaction and for usage in ‘desktop mirror’ mode. VR controllers features: ergonomic, ambidextrous and ambidexterity usage design concept mouse cursor position damping for shaking hands left mouse button press-unpressed, click and …

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